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Downtown Plymouth and The Neighborhood

Plymouth is the quintessential New England village. It is richly steeped in historical relevance and native history. Residing at Davis Manor gives you easy access to a variety of adventures on the water, including harbor cruises, lobster excursions and whale watching. Gorgeous beaches and what seems like miles of sand, blue surf, seabirds and shells await you. And if fresh water is what you prefer, Plymouth offers more than a different pond and lake for every day of the year, home to a total of 450. Set your tee time at one of the area’s award-winning golf courses, and you’ll find state parks for hiking and camping. Cultural opportunities include concerts, theaters, museums and galleries that flourish throughout the year.

Travel is effortless to Boston or Cape Cod. Use the commuter rail or the P&B bus line. Locally, ride the GATRA Plymouth area bus line that will take you to all the key points in town. The town of Plymouth is a community with a strong mix of cultural and social diversity, intellectual vitality and technological innovation. The neighborhood fosters a strong community bond, promotes civic pride and encourages a connection with its residents through countless community events, activities and public recreation areas.

Plymouth’s community represents all ages, professions and lifestyles. From Fortune 500 business leaders to independent local artists, the community thrives with a mix of opportunities for all to enjoy. Plymouth benefits from one of the lower tax rates on the South Shore due to a mix of residential, commercial, industrial and retail establishments. It was developed not by chance, but through a master plan and careful attention to building a community rather than just building.

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